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Navigating the McLean campus after Sept. 6: Frequently asked questions

McLean Grounds Map - One-way Traffic Pattern
click image to download map

In an effort to improve the safety of the hospital’s loop road and to make it easier for patients and visitors to find their way on campus, beginning Tuesday, Sept. 6, portions of the McLean loop road will become one-way. Download map.

Is the entire loop road going to be one-way?
No, the one-way traffic pattern will start in front of the Wyman Building and will remain one-way until the Administration Building.

Do I have to drive the entire loop to get to the Neuroimaging Center?
No, individuals entering campus who need to drive to the Administration Building or the Neuroimaging Center will be directed to West Road in front of Proctor and North Belknap.

My parent has an appointment at the Geriatric Program in South Belknap. Where should I go?
To drop-off or pick up a person from South Belknap, make a right onto West Road and drive past the Administration Building to South Belknap. There is a circular turnaround for vehicles at the side of the building where patients can conveniently be picked up and dropped off. Parking spaces for visitors to South Belknap are located in front of the Administration Building. 

How do I get to Appleton House? 
When entering the hospital campus, drive straight on the Main Road. You will use the one-way portion of the loop road to access The Pavilion (Wyman House), the Child and Adolescent Programs (East House), the Centre Building and Appleton House, as well as the Higginson and Appleton parking areas.

I normally park in the Oaks parking lot. Do I have to do anything differently?
No, the road changes will not affect anyone who typically parks in the Bowditch or Oaks parking lots, as that portion of the road will remain two-way.

Why are these changes being made?
The change to the roadway was developed based on recommendations of traffic analysts, who thoroughly evaluated the campus traffic pattern and made suggestions with safety being the highest priority. The road changes will be supported by additional signage for pedestrian flow that will be part of the next phase of the signage program.

To download a map of the McLean campus highlighting the one-way traffic pattern, click here.