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Summary of Employee Benefits

McLean Hospital is pleased to offer the following benefits to employees who hold positions of 16 hours per week or more that are budgeted as regular full-time or regular part-time positions. These positions are considered benefits-eligible. Benefits are pro-rated for positions that are less than 40 hours per week. Full information on benefits is available from the Human Resources Department.

Time Off Benefits

The basic annual paid vacation allowance is between two weeks to one month depending on the position. Vacation accrual starts upon employment. After six months of continuous benefits-eligible service, one half of the vacation allowance is available for use. As an employee's continuous benefits-eligible service increases, the vacation allowance increases.

McLean offers employees twelve (12) holidays per year. One of these holidays is a "discretionary day" that an employee may schedule at his or her own discretion. For employees who are on the weekly payroll, time and one-half is paid for hours worked on the holiday.

Time Off With Pay (TOWP)
TOWP is used by employees for absences due to illness or other urgent, unexpected reasons and accrues at the rate of 11 days per year to a maximum of 65 days. Accrual starts upon employment and can be used after 90 days of employment. TOWP is not payable upon termination of employment or a change to a non-benefits eligible position.

Health And Welfare Benefits

Employees have a choice of two different plans currently offered by McLean which include a point of service (POS) plan called Partners Plus, administered by BlueCross/Blue Shield and a health maintenance organization (HMO) plan, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care.

Prescription Drug Coverage
When an employee enrolls in one of the medical plans above, he or she will receive prescription drug coverage through Medco Health. Medco Health offers both retail and mail order drug coverage for a co-payment based on drug designation: generic preferred brand and non-preferred brand.

Dental coverage is offered through Delta Dental Plan for employee (individual) or family coverage.

Enrollment for medical and dental plans is available within 30 days of employment in a benefits eligible status. Under IRS regulations for pre-tax premium payments, enrollment changes, including cancellation of coverage, can only be made within 30 days of the initial eligibility period, or a qualifying lifestyle change, or during Annual Open Enrollment.

Vision coverage is offered through Davis Vision Plan for employee (individual) or family coverage.

Life Insurance
McLean provides group life insurance in the amount of an employee's annual base salary, fully paid by the hospital effective from an employee's date of hire. McLean also offers the opportunity to purchase additional term life insurance up to five times one's annual base salary and accidental death and dismemberment insurance up to an amount of $100,000. An employee may also elect to purchase spouse and child coverage. (Overall dollar limits to coverage may apply.)

Long Term Disability (LTD)
LTD enrollment is available within 30 days of employment or benefits-eligible service. LTD replaces lost income during a long-term disability with benefits beginning as soon as three months after the onset of a disability. The coverage choices depend on the employee's position classification.

Business Travel Insurance
All benefits-eligible employees are insured against accidental death and dismemberment when traveling for the Hospital for three times the employee's annual salary up to $500,000 maximum. Employees who are temporary, supplemental and reserve part-time are insured up to $25,000.

Long Term Care Insurance (LTC)
LTC helps pay for costs associated with long term non-acute care. Beginning in the Spring of 2004 McLean Hospital employees will have the opportunity to enroll in a Long Term Care plan with John Hancock Insurance Company at a discounted group rate. Eligible family members include an employee's spouse, parents and in-laws.

Pension And Tax Advantage Plans

Pension Plan
The Massachusetts General Hospital Cash Balance Retirement Plan assists employees with financial security in retirement. All employees who are paid for 1,000 eligible hours or more per calendar year become participants in the MGH Plan, a defined benefit 401(a) plan, after one year of eligibility service and age 21. (Training status employees such as interns, residents and fellows are not eligible.)

The pension contribution is tax-deferred, is paid in full by McLean and increases with the employee's age and years of service. Employees who retire or otherwise terminate employment after 3 years' vesting credited service have full vested rights to their accrued benefit.

Tax Savers
Employees can save on Federal, State and Social Security Taxes by participating in the following plans:
Medical Premium Plan -- an employee's share of his/her premium for hospital-sponsored medical/dental insurance is paid on a pre-tax basis. Premiums are deducted from gross pay before taxes, thereby reducing taxable income. Plan enrollment is automatic for employees with health/dental insurance through the hospital.

Health Care Reimbursement Account -- By opening a Health Care Reimbursement Account, employees can pay for most uninsured medical, dental and vision expenses with before-tax dollars up to a limit of $3,000 per year.

Dependent Care Reimbursement -- Allows payment of certain child care or adult day care expenses with before-tax dollars up to a family limit of $5,000 per year. To be eligible, an employee must be using dependent care services so that you and your spouse (if married) can work, or if your spouse is disabled, or a full-time student at least five (5) months of the year.

Enrollment for HealthCare/Dependent Care Accounts is available within 30 days of benefits-eligible employment benefits eligibility or during Annual Open Enrollment. Tax

Deferred Annuities -- Employees have the opportunity to have money deducted from gross pay before Federal and State income tax is calculated for investment in long-term savings in an interest-paying account or mutual funds. These annuities are generally used for retirement income with taxes deferred until payments begin, usually in the form of a monthly annuity.

529 College Savings Plans -- These direct pay plans (no payroll deductions) allow one to invest on a post-tax basis for higher education. Earnings on savings grow tax-free, and if they are used for qualified higher education expenses can be tax free at withdrawal

Profession/Personal Benefits

Tuition Reimbursement

After six months of continuous benefits-eligible service, employees are eligible for tuition reimbursement. The reimbursement allowance, from six months to 35 months, is $1000 per academic year and is dependent on successful course completion. Over 36 months, employees are eligible for $1500 per academic year depending on their length of continuous benefits-eligible service and standard hours. (Tuition reimbursement is not available to the professional staff with a joint Hospital/Harvard Medical School appointment.)

Employee Development
McLean provides opportunities to acquire the knowledge and skills for effective job performance and for personal and professional growth and development. Programs include orientation, on-the-job training, inservice education and opportunities for continuing education and supervision.

Health Clinic
In the event that an employee experiences a work-related injury or illness, emergency care and treatment are provided. Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) The EAP is available to all McLean employees to evaluate stresses they may face and identify the resources that can offer the best solution. Participation in the EAP is voluntary, completely confidential and at no cost for the initial assessment or referral.

Child Care
McLean is pleased to be able to provide on-site childcare for infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers on a full or part-time basis. An added convenience is direct payroll deduction for payment of services.

Other Services And Benefits