Awards Corner

by Sheila Evans, RN/PC

On September 28, 2009 Linda Flaherty presented Mark Quinn, RN this year's "Teaching and Mentoring Award" on AB2. As a former teacher, before joining the nursing profession, Mark is a natural for orienting new nurses on AB2. He is calm, detailed and methodical as he supports new RNs who are learning their roles. He's also taken on the role of "Meditech super-user", working individually with the staff demonstrating the ease of using the system. Mark has had a very positive attitude and uses humor as he patiently supports nurses through this latest technological challenge.

Desarie Addison, MHS was honored on SB2 by receiving the "Creativity in the Milieu Award" on October 29, 2009. As Linda Flaherty presented the award to Desarie, she noted that Desarie is an excellent milieu manager, helping the geriatric patients feel safe, comforted and acknowledged. Desarie creatively uses many sensory interventions, assessing and individualizing with each patient. Sometimes it is a comforting touch, a warm blanket, a stuffed animal; other times it might be wooden beads, music, a cup of tea or a quiet stroll arm-in-arm around the unit. Desarie is a wonderful member of the great MHS staff on SB2.

Nancy Chisholm, RN was honored with this year's "Marguerite Conrad Award for Excellence in Nursing Practice." Nancy is the clinical coordinator on the geriatric neuropsychiatric unit (SB2) where she coordinates a large staff of nurses, MHSs, PTs, medical physicians, psychiatrists and neuropsychologists. She is one very busy and organized nurse! SB2 has many patients who have medical conditions that require total physical care in addition to their psychiatric diagnosis. Most patients are quite elderly with many cognitive and emotional deficits. Medical and psychiatric emergencies happen frequently, and Nancy is always revising nursing treatment plans and educating and assisting the staff to carry out the many intensive interventions. She is always keeping an eye on new admissions, the patients receiving palliative care, the agitated and disorganized and the frail and quiet patients. So she is everywhere at once; but, always with a smile and energy to deal with yet one more crisis. Nancy received the award at the Marguerite Conrad seminar, presented by Linda Flaherty on December 4, 2009. Congratulations Nancy!


This fall we had a very large number of applicants for the Nursing Scholarship because it seems everyone's going back to school! Sharon Milne is a nurse on AB2 attending Salem State College. Sharon is pursuing a Master of Science degree in nursing with a focus on nursing education. Prior to becoming a nurse, Sharon taught high school psychology and sociology for ten years; so teaching nurses feels like a natural progression for Sharon. Student nurses on AB2 find a wonderful teacher and mentor in Sharon who reaches out to them as a positive role model. Sharon has her classes, part time nursing and four young children to keep her very busy!

Kristen Baker, a nurse currently working at the Klarman Center, began her McLean Hospital experience while still a student nurse. She quickly realized that as an MHS on NB2, psychiatric nursing was a great fit for her. After graduating, she started on AB2 as a new nurse and credits her experiences there as invaluable; the nursing team taught her professional best-practice skills and approaches. Later as a staff nurse on the Klarman Eating Disorder Unit, her role expanded in newer directions and in 2008 Kristen began working on her master's degree as psychiatric nurse practitioner at Regis College. Kristen is excited about all faces of psychiatric nursing and it shows in both her academic and professional life.