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Recruiter's Corner

Opportunity abounds! Psychiatric nursing offers opportunities to connect with other people in unique ways to establish meaningful working relationships that support patients on their journeys. This is also true of psychiatric nursing recruitment. Both require adaptability, perseverance, and a real desire to connect with people. We meet folks on their paths and offer information, guidance, and opportunities.

Our recruitment goal is to find the right candidate for a position, someone who is truly a good fit. Finding professionals with clinical expertise, who are good team players, is a priority. A strong commitment to caring and an ongoing desire to learn are also vital. We do consider new RN graduates. It is not necessary to experience a year of medical-surgical nursing before embarking on a career in psychiatric nursing. Enthusiasm, willingness to learn, and a strong desire to make a difference are more important. Of course, human service experience is always a plus.

McLean’s rich history and its reputation as a leader in psychiatry and cutting edge clinical research attract many who want to become a part of the clinical team, and our online applicant tracking system continues to provide a rich pool of applicants. With the online application as a first contact, the screening process means homing in on qualities that might make an applicant a good fit. It helps when the applicant provides as much information as possible in the resume, cover letter, and application.

Job opportunities are posted as they become available, and all are welcome to apply. The list of jobs that appears in Employment Opportunities on the McLean website covers only the most recently posted positions. To see all the McLean postings, please use the advance search link. If you are a McLean employee, use Peoplesoft to apply so that your basic information can be automatically entered, saving time and effort.

Though we simply cannot hire every applicant, exploring options and talking about previous experiences and future expectations may help an individual further refine her or his goals. As a recruiter, I meet people at various points on their paths to finding the perfect job. Finding the right job, the right fit, the right timing, is a process for most folks. Realizing that everyone is a potential employee, I make connections that open the door. Nursing recruiting opportunities are ever present, whether from a phone conversation, email message, or informational interview. Every contact is purposeful, valued, and important.

The ways in which everyone at McLean presents to the community are also critical to our success. What nurses say about their jobs and where they work speaks loudly and effectively. We are all responsible for promoting nursing as a profession, for nurturing new graduates, and for supporting more experienced nurses. Our efforts will pay off in a rewarding continuity in a profession that serves all.