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New Fellowship

Kenneth R. Rossano visits one of the labs in McLean's Mailman Research Center

New fellowship is a donor's contribution to medical research

McLean Trustee Kenneth R. Rossano is excited about the advances made in neuroscience over the last decade and he is making sure he will play a part in bringing about future discoveries. A McLean board member for the last 10 years, Rossano is funding a new annual fellowship in research.

The Rossano Mind, Brain and Behavior Pre-Doctoral Summer Fellowship will provide a cash award to a candidate enrolled in an accredited advanced degree program who wishes to work in a McLean research lab during the summer, with preference given to a student who has previously worked in a McLean or Harvard Medical School research department. The award is expected to help the student with expenses while working in the laboratory of a sponsoring mentor.

"Young researchers are going to be the leaders of the future," Rossano explains. "I would like to help attract some of the best and the brightest to do their research at McLean."

Rossano is thrilled his fellowship will continue in perpetuity. While he expects competition to be stiff, he believes many budding researchers need only some additional financial help in order to be able to pursue their interests.

"The next generation should have the opportunity to rub shoulders with and learn from our top researchers," he notes. "As a board member, I know how exciting that is."

'Leaders of the future'

"Ken Rossano understands that early funding is vital to starting the careers of aspiring researchers. This award gives them time in exceptional laboratory settings so they can learn and make contacts important to their future," says Bruce Cohen, MD, PhD, president and psychiatrist in chief for McLean.

"Establishing this fellowship is one of many ways Ken continues to contribute to making McLean the great institution it is."

Rossano says the fellowship is his small contribution to medical research.

"It's rewarding to be a part of research that is on the cutting edge and promises to help so many people in the future," says Rossano. "Everybody does what he or she can. It's what makes this country so great. People are willing to become involved to make the world a better place and leave society better than when they entered it."