McLean Employee Honored

November 10, 2000 -- Belmont, MA --  After traveling abroad to Spain and Portugal earlier this fall, Penny Gleason returned to her busy job as staff secretary of the Psychosocial Research Service and got a surprise from her coworkers—she had been named the October/November Vision of Excellence Award (VOE) winner. "I was so happy to hear the news, it is such an honor," said Gleason of Arlington.

A McLean Hospital employee for 13 years, Gleason, ironically, won the award at the end of her tenure at the hospital. On Oct. 31, she said good-bye to her McLean family when she retired. "I have truly reaped the benefits of working with so many wonderful people," said Gleason. "It has enriched my life."

Although she will continue to help in the office until a replacement secretary is found, Gleason said she is looking forward to the break. "I am not disappearing completely, but it is time for me to slow down. For 13 years I have worked in a fast-paced environment; now it’s time for me to smell the flowers," she said.

Prior to joining the Psychological Research Service, Gleason worked for eight years in McLean’s Rehabilitation Outpatient Service. "I will cherish those years and the five years spent working for Dr. John Gunderson, [program director of the Psychological Research Service] who offered me a fascinating look into his busy and distinguished world of psychotherapy, academics and research," she said.