A Call to Action: 
Restore Mental Health Funding

Bruce Cohen at Rally for State Mental Health Funding
Bruce Cohen, MD, PhD, president and psychiatrist in chief for McLean, being interviewed by a Channel 4 reporter at a recent State House rally decrying budget cuts in mental health services

4 December 2001  --  As you may already know, Governor Swift has filed a supplemental budget which would restore funding for mental health and other human service programs. 

To help insure that the budget is approved, we should all send letters to our local House and Senate representatives. A suggestion for wording follows. 

To find out who your local legislators are and how to contact them, call 800-462-VOTE (8683) or go to:

Sample letter:

Date ________________

Dear __________________________________:

Governor Swift has done the right thing by proposing a supplemental budget that restores critical aid to the mentally ill and others who rely on human services. Her action sends a strong message that people matter most.

Psychiatric illness strikes one in five families and these monies will help someone you know—a friend, a coworker, a family member. Psychiatric illnesses are highly treatable, biologically based disorders of the brain. Treating these individuals today will save the state far more than what it will cost to care for them tomorrow.

I implore you to do the right thing and vote to restore mental health funding. The lives of thousands of individuals with psychiatric illnesses, and their families, depend on you.



Name ________________________________________

Telephone Number _____________________________

Home Address _______________________________________