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Welcome to The Pavilion at McLean Hospital

The Pavilion at McLean Hospital is an intensive two-week evaluation and diagnostic program located in the Wyman House on the hospital’s main campus in Belmont, Massachusetts. The primary goals of The Pavilion are to clarify diagnosis, offer effective treatment recommendations, initiate care and coordinate aftercare treatment recommendations.

For more than a decade, we have provided unparalleled choice, service, flexibility and confidentiality to individuals requiring expert psychiatric and neurologic consultation and care. Our research confirms this dedication to service quality—95% of our clients report receiving excellent care.*
Wyman House

Wyman House
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Pavilion Bedroom

Pavilion Bedroom
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Pavilion Dining Room

Pavilion Dining Room
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Pavilion Library

Pavilion Library
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Who We Serve

The Pavilion serves adult men and women age 18 and older who have complex behavioral health issues, such as mood disorders, psychotic disorders, anxiety-related disorders, personality disorders or substance use disorders. Many of the patients referred to The Pavilion have experienced treatment-resistant illness or have complex symptoms requiring diagnostic expertise by an array of specialists.

What Patients and Families Say

Our Leadership and Clinical Staff

Each person who comes to The Pavilion receives daily care from a dedicated treatment team comprised of only senior-level clinicians. The patient’s primary psychiatrist supervises the patient’s overall care and manages medications, partnering with a clinician who provides daily psychotherapy. Other team members include a doctoral-level psychologist with expertise in cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy and other psychologically based therapies, and a senior social worker or clinical nurse manager who provides case management and family assistance and coordinates the aftercare plan.

All patients receive thorough medical and neurologic evaluation with diagnostic testing as appropriate, sleep disorder consultation and sleep studies as needed, and psychologic and neuropsychologic testing. Specialty consultants are immediately available in a wide array of clinical disciplines, as detailed below.

The treatment team, consultants and specialists work jointly to develop a comprehensive care plan and to provide coordinated care.

Medical Director: Alexander Vuckovic, MD
Program Director: Mark Robart, LICSW
Associate Medical Director: Amy Gagliardi, MD
Specialty Consultants

Assessment and Care


The Pavilion approach integrates psychiatric care with a full neurologic and medical diagnostic work-up along with other necessary medical tests, which are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This commitment to examining the biological as well as the emotional components of a person's illness ensures that The Pavilion explores every avenue in searching for effective solutions.

Both the diagnosis and treatment plan take into account a patient's previous medical and neurologic history. Special attention is paid to stress management, fitness and diet.

A core element of The Pavilion is access to an unrivaled network of diagnostic services through McLean Hospital and its affiliations with Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women's Hospital and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital.

Evaluation and Assessment include:

  • Expert psychiatric and psychopharmacologic consultation, allowing definitive diagnosis and treatment of difficult symptoms.
  • Neurologic evaluation by The Pavilion's neuropsychiatry group, pioneers in the interface between psychiatry and neurology.
  • Clinical and cutting-edge research-based brain imaging and electrophysiologic testing, and a comprehensive sleep study.
  • Medical consultation.
  • Family evaluation by experienced and knowledgeable clinical staff.
  • Psychological and neuropsychological testing.
  • Psychoeducational, supportive and psychotherapeutic group programs.
  • Nutritional evaluation.
  • Individual assessment and daily psychotherapy.
  • Clinical summary outlining diagnostic impressions and therapeutic recommendations provided to patients and referring clinicians.
  • Specialty consultations in the areas of substance abuse, workplace stress management, impulse control disorders, trauma and post-traumatic stress, geriatrics, electroconvulsive therapy and forensic evaluation.

Program Description

The Pavilion is a small program with no more than eight patients in residential treatment at one time. As a result, the treatment team is able to build a personal alliance with patient and family that powerfully impacts treatment response. While the majority of therapeutic work is on an individual, one-to-one basis, group therapies are often an important part of the care plan.

Our accommodations are simple yet tasteful, similar to a bed and breakfast with amenities including staff chefs who prepare individual meals and comfortably appointed private rooms with private baths. We have a fitness center with excellent equipment on the Belmont campus as well as a Pavilion-based physical trainer who helps our patients achieve balanced health. Patients also have daily access to a state-of-the-art fitness facility in nearby Waltham.

The convenient location allows easy access to hospital services and to the many attractions within the metropolitan Boston area.

Discharge and Aftercare

The Pavilion at McLean Hospital is built around the premise that by working as a team, the patient, family, staff and referring clinicians can assure the best chance for a successful outcome.

Treatment plans are developed and care coordinated with a person's current treatment providers. The Pavilion team prides itself on timely communication and collegial interaction with referring clinicians. Once The Pavilion program is completed, continued treatment and a longer length of stay are options, as is access to an array of individualized and comprehensive after-care services, including outpatient and residential treatment in comfortable home-like settings such as the newly opened McLean Residence at Lincoln, a structured transitional therapeutic program for adults. A senior clinician assists each person in developing an appropriate aftercare program to continue progress towards health and well-being.

McLean Residence at Lincoln, a Transitional Residential Program
Patients who receive local outpatient or partial hospital treatment after their residential stay at The Pavilion and who would benefit from a structured transitional therapeutic setting may choose to stay at the McLean Residence at Lincoln. The program provides individual care management along with educational, vocational and skill building groups to augment outpatient or partial treatment. Individualized care planning is utilized to assist residents with their recovery. Participants work towards acquiring new coping skills designed to enhance the gains made in their treatment. The goal is to further prepare patients to return to independent living in the community.

Admission / Making a Referral

People come to The Pavilion from across the United States and the world. We can help arrange admission from most any domestic or international location.

To make a referral or to obtain more information about admission or our unique program, please contact our Director of Admissions, Cathy McCool, LICSW, at 617.855.2874 or by e-mail at All communications are confidential.

Affiliations with Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital

An important aspect of The Pavilion advantage is McLean's affiliation with Harvard Medical School (HMS) and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). All of the world-renowned experts available to patients hold Harvard faculty appointments.

U.S. News & World Report
"America's Best Hospitals"
2011 - Psychiatry

The Best Doctors in America lists many McLean and MGH physicians specializing in psychiatry, including Pavilion Medical Director Alex Vuckovic, MD and Pavilion Attending Psychiatrist Trude Kleinschmidt, MD.

U.S. News & World Report consistently ranks McLean Hospital and MGH among the top hospitals in the United States for psychiatry.

Cost and Payment

The current rate for Pavilion services is $48,300, all inclusive, for a fourteen day stay. Effective Oct. 1, 2013, the fee for Pavilion services is $49,700, all inclusive, for a fourteen day stay. (This is a self pay program that does not accept insurance nor any third party reimbursement.)

Click for a list of covered and non-covered services.

Download The Pavilion Brochure

Download Brochure (pdf)

Contact Us

For general information, please call or email us.

Health care professionals who want to make a referral or those persons interested in admission to the Pavilion should contact our Director of Admissions, Cathy McCool, LICSW, directly at 617.855.2874 or by e-mail at All communications are confidential.

About McLean Hospital

U.S. News & World Report named McLean America's #1 Hospital for Psychiatry in 2013 . McLean Hospital is the largest psychiatric facility of Harvard Medical School, an affiliate of the Massachusetts General Hospital and a member of Partners HealthCare. For more information about McLean visit us on McLeanHospital or follow the hospital on Twitter@McLeanHospital.

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