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Pavilion Testimonial

What our patients say:

To the Wonderful Pavilion Staff,

"How can I possibly express how thankful I am to all of you for helping me take the very difficult steps to begin to overcome my enormous burden? Beyond the basics of just "doing your jobs," your incredible warmth, concern, and compassion were particularly comforting to me, especially during the more troubling early days of my stay, when I otherwise would have felt completely alone. Now, while I'm certain that you've all had similar positive effects on dozens of other Pavilion "guests," let me at least clearly assure you that I for one have been greatly aided by your work efforts and your kindness. "

My heartfelt thanks and gratitude to you all,
- Paul

"The level of service was incredible; please pass along
my thanks to the entire staff.  Everyone was so caring, pleasant
and professional.

From the day I arrived as an inpatient through my weekly visits,
no one has offered me, or anyone I have known, the kind of help
I have had at your facility.  There is a special feeling of warmth that
spreads from the physicians all the way through the nurses and staff.

The quality of care and genuine concern is so reassuring. It is
impossible for me to convey how satisfied I am with the help I received
to my family and friends."

- Pavilion Patient

What a patient's family says:

"As our daughter prepares to return to college, we want to thank you and
all the staff at The Pavilion for the wonderful care you have given her.

Your staff was always professional and caring.  Your accessability
during our most anxious times was in particular really appreciated."

- Parents of a Pavilion patient