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McLean Anxiety Mastery Program

The McLean Anxiety Mastery Program is an outpatient program for anxious youth (aged 9-18) at McLean Hospital, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School.  The program provides group-based Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with an emphasis on Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) for children and adolescents who present with social anxiety, specific phobias, panic attacks, separation anxiety, school refusal, selective mutism, and obsessions and compulsions.  It is one of only a handful of programs in the country to provide this form of intensive and evidence-based treatment for anxious youth. 
Participating children and adolescents attend the program four afternoons per week (2:00-4:30 P.M.) for at least four weeks.  The first hour of each group entails skills training, and the remaining time is dedicated to Exposure and Response Prevention.  One weekday afternoon is reserved for individualized family meetings, and parents also are invited to attend a weekly parent guidance group.  Additionally, youth participate in comprehensive initial evaluations and ongoing weekly assessments during treatment to track the course of their symptoms. 
The treatment includes the following:

Program Director: Kathryn D. Boger, Ph.D.
Associate Program Director: Jacqueline Sperling, Ph.D.
Medical Director: Mona Potter, M.D.

Temporary Location*
115 Mill St., Belmont, MA, 02478
Parking available

For more information, please contact us at 617-855-3300 or at

*In the spring of 2014, the program will move to 799 Concord Avenue, Cambridge, MA.  The program’s e-mail address will remain unchanged after the move.