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The 3East DBT Program. For Help and Information Call 877-967-7233.
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Macleans Magazine (04/07/2011)
Teenagers wired to take risks
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Borderline Personality
Disorder in Adolescents

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McLean 3East

An Intensive Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Program for Teens and Young Adults, through age 20, with Impulsive and Self-endangering Behaviors

Blaise Aguirre, MD, Medical Director
Janna Hobbs, LICSW, Program Director
Michael Hollander, PhD, Day Hospital Director and Director of Training
Cynthia Kaplan, PhD, Associate Clinical and Administrative Director, Child and Adolescent Programs (CAP)

Please call 877.967.7233 or e-mail

3East at McLean Hospital is a premier, highly specialized, self-funded treatment program for female teenagers and young women[1] up to age 20 who are exhibiting self-endangering behaviors and emerging borderline personality traits. These behaviors and traits may present as:

The program specializes in intensive dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), a therapy originally developed for adults with borderline personality disorder that has been applied with success to adolescents and young adults with similar psychological profiles.

3East now offers four levels of individualized care; enabling teenagers and young adults to fully benefit from ongoing, consistent treatment and support at varying levels of care:

To learn more about other opportunities that exist for young people needing support outside of the hospital setting, i.e., work or school, please contact the program at the phone number and email listed above.


[1]The 3East residential programs are female-only. The day program is mixed-gender.

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Insurance Information

As a self-pay program, 3East does not accept insurance or assist with insurance reimbursement efforts. However, some treatment expenses may be recovered through insurance. Documentation for clinical care will be provided routinely to the party responsible for payment.