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Center for Depression, Anxiety and Stress Research

The Center for Depression, Anxiety and Stress Research (CDASR) is a newly founded research center located on the second floor of the Francis de Marneffe building (shown below) on McLean Hospital's main campus. The Center embraces a multi-disciplinary approach to improve our understanding of the psychological, environmental, and neurobiological factors implicated in affective disorders. The Center is home to many research projects, including studies that utilize neuroimaging techniques to investigate depression; implement and evaluate novel preventative and treatment programs for depressed adolescents; test the role of early adversities (e.g. maltreatment and trauma) as well as genetic variance in increasing the risk for depression and anxiety; and build computational models to study neural function in schizophrenia. The ultimate goal of this work is to identify promising targets for prevention and treatment.

The Center for Depression, Stress and Anxiety Research includes:

deMarneffe Building