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Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory

North Belknap

North Belknap (click to enlarge)

The Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory is a clinical research laboratory focused on studying the relationship between psychiatric symptoms, brain structure, and brain function.

Brain electrical activity is measured through high-density electroencephalography (EEG) and through EEG derived event-related potential measures (ERPs). The structure of the brain is measured using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), through collaboration with the McLean Brain Imaging Center.

Brain experiment

A brainwave experiment

Our current ERP studies include basic auditory sensory stimulation, simple target detection tasks, and complex reading tasks. These brain activity measures are related to measures of the specific brain areas from which they arise (such as the auditory cortex in the temporal lobe). The laboratory specializes in the examination of patients with psychosis. Our subjects include a large cohort of first-episode patients, entering the hospital with psychiatric symptoms for the first time of their lives, and we follow these patients during the first few years of their disease to look for any changes in brain activity or structure during the early course of the illness.

The Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory has been in operation since 1990 and is affiliated with with Harvard Medical School, Boston VA Healthcare System - Brockton Division, and the Surgical Planning Laboratory at Brigham and Women's Hospital.


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