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Developmental Biopsychiatry Research Program

Former Students and Trainees

The Developmental Biopsychiatry Research Program and Laboratory of Developmental Neurobiology (under the direction of Susan L. Andersen, Ph.D.) offer a variety of training and educational opportunities. We have mentored undergraduates at Harvard working on Honors Thesis. We have provided stipends for undergraduate from other universities to work in the laboratory during summers. Mostly, however we provide advanced training to individuals who hold M.D. and or Ph.D. degrees from the U.S. or abroad who are interested in pursuing research careers. Individuals from abroad have usually come with funding from their home country. Please contact Dr. Teicher if you are interested in training opportunities.

Past Trainees have played a crucial role in our research mission. We thank them all for giving and contributing so much to the program.

Duration of TrainingType of TrainingNameCurrent Position
2 yrUGNatacha I. Barber, MDPrivate Practice, Family Practice
1 yrUGJoseph J. Zorc, MDAsst. Prof, Pediatrics, U. Penn
2 yrPostHarris A. Gelbard, MD PhDProf. Neurol., Pediatrics U. Rochester
8 yrPre
Carol A. Glod, RN MS PhDProf. Nursing, Northeastern Univ
2 yrUGAmelia Gallitano, MD PhDInstr. Psychiatry, Washington Univ
1 yrPostKaren D. Wagner, MD PhDProf. Child Psychiatry, U. Texas
1 yrPostFrances J. Wren, MDInstr. Child Psychiatry, Stanford U
2 yrUGDavid Harper, PhDInstr. Psychiatry, Harvard Med School
1 yrResAlexander Bodkin, MDAsst. Prof., Psychiatry, Harvard Med. School
2 yrPostKambiz Pahlavan, MDAssociate Clinical Professor, Univ. WI
3 yrPre
Yutaka Ito, MD PhDChild Guidance Clinics, Tokyo, Japan
2 yrPostEeva T, Aronen, MD PhDAssoc Prof, Child Psych, Helsinki U.
3 yrPostSusan L. Andersen, PhDAsst. Prof., Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School
1 yrPreNancy M. Petry, Ph.D.Prof., Psychiatry, U. Conn Health Sci
1 yrPostJose Benzo, MDPsychiatrist, New York City
1 yrPostAlice Davidson, RN, PhDColorado Inst. Chaos & Complexity
1 yrUGJohn C. Hosteter Jr, MDPrivate Practice, Internal Medicine
1 yrUGDianne A. Klein, MDPsychiatry Research Fellow, Columbia
3 yrPostCarl M. Anderson, PhDAsst. Prof, Psychiatry, Harvard Med.
3 yrPreAnn Polcari, PhDInvestigator, Psychiatry, McLean
2 yrPostCarryl Navalta, PhDInstructor, Psychiatry, Harvard Med School
2 yrRes
Dennis Kim, M.D.Instructor, Psychiatry, Harvard Med School
1 yrPostE. Kelly Sullivan, Ph.D.Res. Fellow, MGH, Harvard Med School
2 yrSr. FellowAkemi Tomada, M.D., Ph.D.Assoc. Prof., Kumamoto Med Fellow Sch, Japan
1 yrPostMajed Ashey, Ph.D.Research Fellow, McLean/Harvard
1 yrPostKyoko Ohashi, PhDResearch Fellow, McLean/Harvard

Please contact Dr. Teicher to update or correct any information. Please also contact Dr, Teicher if your name has been inadvertently omitted.