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MCL 1805.0: Tools for Improved Imaging or Enhanced Sensitivity of Imaging: Generation of Synthetic Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) signals

Blaise Frederick, Ph.D., et al.

Background and Description

The invention comprises a novel method of generating synthetic radiofrequency signals (phantoms) for use in magnetic resonance scanners. The invention allows for these signals to be generated either within the MR scanner itself or through an independent frequency synthesizer. The amplitude of phantoms generated by this method does not depend on the loading of the RF coil used in the procedure or on the amplitude of the RF power transmitted by the MR scanner, and so the simulated RF signal can be used as an external calibration for the system.

Potential Commercial Uses

Phantoms generated by the method of this invention can be used for end-to-end testing or calibration of the radiofrequency system of an MR scanner, for evaluation of acquisition strategies, for testing of reconstruction algorithms and programs, and for training of scanner operators.

Publication and Patent Status

McLean Hospital is the owner of U.S. Patent Number 6,861,840 covering this invention. (USPTO # 6,861,840)

Licenses Available

A U.S. patent application claiming this invention is in preparation.

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