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Picture taken from Trends Pharmacol Sci 2001;22:188-94

Picture used by permission of
Trends Pharmacol Sci 2001;22:188-94
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Laboratory of Genetic Neuropharmacology

The Laboratory of Genetic Neuropharmacology (LGN) is interested in studying the functions of GABAA receptor subtypes in the central nervous system using genetically modified mice, which allow us to modulate expression of GABAA receptor subunits in defined neuronal circuits.  We are interested in the role of GABAA receptors in emotional regulation (anxiety, depression), learning and memory, drug abuse, and for the amnestic action of general anesthetics.
In addition, in a separate line of research, we are working on etiological models of schizophrenia, i.e. genetically modified mice which harbor structural genomic variations associated with psychosis.

Major Funding Sources

National Institute of Mental Health
National Institute of General Medical Sciences
National Institute of Drug Abuse

Laboratory of Genetic Neuropharmacology

Laboratory of Genetic Neuropharmacology
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Selected Publications

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  2. Löw K, Crestani F, Keist R, Benke D, Brünig I, Benson JA, Fritschy J-M, Rülicke T, Bluethmann H, Möhler H, Rudolph U.Molecular and neuronal substrate for the selective attenuation of anxiety. Science 2000;290:131-34.
  3. Straub CS, Carlezon WA Jr, Rudolph U Diazepam and cocaine potentiate brain stimulation reward in C57BL/6J mice. Behavioural Brain Research 2010;206:17-20
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  7. Drexler B, Antkowiak B, Engin E, Rudolph U Identification and characterization of anesthetic targets by mouse molecular genetics approaches. Canadian Journal of Anesthesia, Epub ahead of print December 21, 2010