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Molecular Pharmacology Laboratory

Molecular Pharmacology Laboratory Staff

The Molecular Pharmacology Laboratory Staff
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The investigators in the Molecular Pharmacology Laboratory study the mechanisms of action of currently available medications for Bipolar Disorders and Schizophrenia and work to identify new targets and new compounds to treat these and other neuropsychiatric disorders, including mood, anxiety, and psychotic disorders and dementias. Particular areas of recent or current research include:

Glial Glutamatergic Transmission

Hypothesis: Dysregulating glial glutamatergic transmission can induce anhedonia or dysphoria, prominent symptoms of depression.
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Nucleus Accumbens

Dynorphinergic cells are activated by clozapine
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Salvinorin Analogues

Synthesis of Salvinorin Analogues Modified at the C-2 Position
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Time-course study

Time-course study of larval arrest (wt N2 strain) in the presence of clozapine.
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Our work is supported by NIH grants, NARSAD and other foundation awards, industrial contracts, and private gifts.