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Psychiatric Neuroscience Laboratory

The newly established Psychiatric Neuroscience Laboratory conducted several experimental studies aimed at better understanding of the neurobiology and pathophysiology of neurpsychiatric disorders and their improved treatment. This has been accomplished through close collaborations with colleagues in Neuropharmacology Laboratory and others in Mailman Research Center, as well as with external collaborators from other academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies in the USA and worldwide.

Our ongoing studies include:


Collaborators: Marta Antonelli, PhD (U. of Buenos Aires); John Babich, PhD (Molecular Insights Pharmaceuticals); Ronald Baldwin, PhD (Vanderbilt U); Jack Bergman, PhD (ADARC); Eugen Davids, MD (U Essen); Lu Gan, MD (Tufts U); Lisa Gold, PhD (Pfizer, Inc); John Hennen, PhD (McLean); Brian Henry, PhD (Organon Laboratories); Dong-Youn Hwang (MRC); Kwang-Soo Kim, PhD (MRC); Leonard Meltzer, PhD (Pfizer, Inc); John Neumeyer, PhD (ADARC); Gahan Pandina, PhD (Janssen Pharmaceutica); Carol Paronis, PhD (ADARC); Marcello Rubenstein, PhD (U. of Buenos Aires); Mo Shadid, PhD (Organon Laboratories); Miles Smith, PhD (Molecular Insights Pharmaceuticals); Gilles Tamagnan, PhD (Yale U); Daniel Tarsy, MD (BIDH); Evangelia M. Tsapakis, MD (U London); John Waddington, PhD, DSc (Dublin College of Surgeons), Kehong Zhang, MD, PhD (MRC).